Congrats to our men’s 18+ 4.0 team. They won at Districts and got very close to going to Nationals!

Below is a great letter from their Ron Tabtab the team captain about this amazing team. The team included: Jeff Baier, Ramiro Cepeda, Edgar Crescencio, Andre Dang, Chi Dang, Rudy Heurtelou, Jason Manalac, Matthew McDonnell, Bertrand Miranda, Nick Nguyen, Jay-R Pomares, Fernando Quinones, Rudy Reid, Josh Rubin, George Saghir, Randal Schmidt, Ted Siebern, Wayne Spencer, Nathan Tabtab, Ron Tabtab, Lance Van Woy, Brian Wills and Michael Yee.

Hi Team,

I will always have good memories with this team… especially our win at Districts where we will be remembered as “the team who beat SF Bay Club.”And at Sectionals who can forget our team dinner, Rudy entertained us all… Opa!!!   Very classy restaurant, good food and enjoyed everyone’s company.  Thank you all for my special captain’s gift.

This was a special team with lots of talent and young guns.  Nathan and Andre you’ll be missed, on your way up to the next level.   You guys amazed us with your talents on the courts.  Chi you’re at the cusp of being a 4.5 with your undefeated record 😃 you deserved that medal 👏🏼.  Jay-R it’s possible you might be back with us at 4.0, we don’t mind 😉 You have so much energy on and off the court.  How do you do it?  Driving back and forth to Carmel.   You’re awesome dude!

And for the rest of us, we all played the best tennis out there (Brian, Randy, Rudy, Matt, Chi, Ted, and Fernando). We were too close and it could have been anybody’s National team.  Who knows? Maybe next year will be ours???

Thank you to all our supporters out there who came out to cheer us on… Angelique, Trey, Kai, Marina, Marie Anne, Mocha (team mascot), Annie, Will, Jonathan, Wendy, Waverly, Terri, and Jane.

It was a pleasure being your captain, until next time 😉 Go Benicia!!! 💪🏻💪🏻🎾

See you on the courts!


Congrats to our Men’s 18+ 4.0 Team
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