Image of BCTA embroidered vest.
Pictured here is a vest that BCTA Member Matt Low already had that he got embroidered at local shop.

At the BCTA Quinceañera 15 Year Anniversary Party you may have missed that we now have the option of getting embroidered vests, jackets, whatever you want! Sometimes you can find great deals on these types of vests and/or outerwear at Costco, etc.

Image of detail of BCTA logo embroidery.
Detail of BCTA logo embroidery.

Captains and members, if this is something that you would like to have for yourself or offer to your teams, please let Matt Low know. He can also fill you in on cost, confirm the size of the logo, where you’d like it placed, etc. You can reach him at lowcalmotion (at) yahoo (dot) com.



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