Coach Calvin MacCullough aka “Coach Mac.”

Is there really any value to doing this?  After all, as players we use the full court during practice and matches.  The answer is YES!!

After doing a short warm-up routine of jogging/stretching, here are the next steps.  The purpose of short court warm-up is for 3-fold:

1) Get a player’s eyes focussed on seeing the ball clearly- try to see the label on the ball or its seams;
2) Get the player’s feet moving efficiently with small, light steps; and,
3) Find the correct contact point on your strokes.

By focusing on the first 2 steps, the 3rd (and tremendously important for consistency) becomes simple.

This 2-minute warm-up will help you get focussed on the ball and energized for your match

Sometimes practicing on your own, reading tips, and working out with team members isn’t enough. If you have the time, you should give one of our LOCAL INSTRUCTORS a call!

The 2-minute “Short Court Warm-up”