This season we have 8 USTA teams registered to play for the Benicia Community Tennis Association!

  • 40+ Men’s 3.5 (Steelheart) : Dan Bazan, Captain
  • 40+ Men’s 3.5 (Super Smash Bros) : Ron Tabtab, Captain
  • 40+ Women’s 3.5 : Cindy Bazan, Captain
  • 40+ Women’s 4.0 : Marie Anne Tabtab, Captain
  • 40+ Women’s 4.5 : Jojo Donetti, Captain
  • 40+ Mixed 7.0 (Hailstorm) : Dan Bazan, Captain
  • 40+ Mixed 7.0 (Killer Bs) : Ron Tabtab, Captain
  • 40+ Mixed 8.0 (Volley Llamas) : Ron Tabtab, Captain

If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested, please go to this page once you’ve logged into the USTA site, select “Teams” in the drop-down menu, the search “Benicia.”

A list of the all the teams registered will appear. Click on the name of the captain who is organizing the team you are interested in playing on. This will take you to a page where you can send her or him an email to confirm that she or he needs more players.

DON’T FORGET that to play on one of these teams, you also need to be a member of the Benicia Community Tennis Association. The cost is $25/year which is good for as many teams as you’d like to play on.  JOIN HERE.


Winter 2016 Adult Leagues