by Jojo Donetti

Have you noticed that Measure S — the ballot measure we helped pass, the measure that our tax dollars are helping fund, the measure that committed to provide funding for tennis court improvements at both the high school and middle school — has so far brought no improvements?

It’s time to let the school board hear your voice reminding and reinforcing them that they need to repair the BMS and BHS courts under Measure S, as they committed to do when the bond was put to vote more than 4 years ago.

We encourage parents, players and children to speak up, during the public comment section — you are limited to 3 minutes. The Board members are not required by law to respond or to comment so it’s kinda like talking to a brick wall…but, they are forced to listen to you and the video from the meeting is recorded and posted online.

We put good pressure on them with the last 3 board meetings in 2018 with multiple speakers imploring them to fix the courts. There are now two new members of the board who are very eager to make a difference. 

What is the procedure when called to speak? Fill out a blue card, found on the back table, and give it to the Board Secretary. When your name is called come to the microphone at the speaker’s table. State your name. Be brief and to the point. 


Time: 7 p.m.
Dates: Thursdays, February 21, March 7 and 21, April 4, May 2 and June 13
Location: Thursdays, at 7 p.m. at the districts headquarters – 350 East K Street, Benicia

Having kids speak up is equally important as important, in not more important than adults speaking. The board is supposed to provide a safe environment for the students, not just for learning but also their activities. We know the kids could play harder if the BMS courts were not so decayed; the high school players wouldn’t have to worry about the cracks, holes and hump adding an interesting twist to how the ball bounces in their competitive matches; the fences at both locations with unsafe edges sticking out and up…the list goes on. 

Tennis is a sport for life, as you can see with the wide range of players we have in the Benicia tennis community — from the elementary school kids all the way through our USTA competitive senior players.

We need your support at these meetings!

Measure S Update Meetings
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